Home Commercial News £140k fine imposed on Barratt for height safety breach

£140k fine imposed on Barratt for height safety breach

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Barratt Homes and David Wilson are fined with £140,000 as a safety breach occurred. The firm was involved in the fine aspect after an electrician fell through a plasterboard ceiling and the case came into action as Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that on 10th May 2018.

It was noted that workers were carrying out works on ducting and cabling in loft spaces at newly built residential properties in Southampton, and Swanmore without suitable or sufficient protection from falls at height.

The unfortunate incident of a 49-year-old electrician reveals the safety breach after falling through the plasterboard loft flooring sustaining multiple fractures. He suffered a punctured lung along with fractures to his shoulders, ribs, and vertebrae.

BDW Trading (Barratt Homes/David Wilson Homes) and subcontractor Quayside Electrical Ltd were the firms to fail in preventing a fall from height, said a report by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) after an investigation.

Plasterboard and top tacking were used while BWD Trading had created the loft space by installing the ceiling of the room below, before the electricians had completed the installation of cables and ducting.

The way BWD carried out plaster board works meant that work in the loft was above fragile plasterboard. The inadequate precautions were taken to prevent the electrician from falling through the plasterboard.


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