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£300m HS2 telecom project under search of a specialist contractor

230km of telecommunications systems

The search for a specialist contractor to deliver 230km of telecommunications systems is under way by HS2. The current scenario reveals the search is starting from today for phase one and 2a of the project from London to Crewe. This project is estimated with £300m as the contract gets completed.

The works covered under the HS2 telecom project include manufacture, design, installation, supply, commissioning and initial maintenance of the operational telecommunication systems. The scope of the work is around 2,760 km of fibre optic cabling. Alongside dozens of equipment cabins, 140 trackside cabinets, and radio coverage across 230km are covered.

The recent launch of the contests for track systems and command and control systems has taken place recently. So the procurement process for this third set of ‘rail systems’ contracts is now the next on charts. Furthermore the winning bidder provision will be handling technical support services, and it would be a separate contract.


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