Home Commercial News £300m Temple Quarter development at Bristol Uni postponed to 2022

£300m Temple Quarter development at Bristol Uni postponed to 2022

£300m Temple Quarter development at Bristol Uni postponed to 2022

Bristol University has delayed the main construction of £300m campus development. This postponement that’s happening for the second time is actually planned in the Temple Quarter and St Philip’s Marsh areas.

The two reasons- Covid and Brexit’s impact on the supply chain were named to be the reasons for postponement, as the Bristol Univ names. Also, revisiting designs with adaptability are in place to introduce greater flexibility and future-proofing spaces.

Besides, main construction of the Cattle Market Road site will start in the summer of 2022. This is due to the postponement of Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus programme while the anticipated opening of the new campus is during the second half of 2025.

The University is working to open new research facilities in the existing buildings on Avon Street early in 2022. This will be adjacent to the Cattle Market Road site and site enabling works are part of the new campus development in line with Government guidance.

Approximately 3,000 students can be accommodated at the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus along with 800 university staff.  Accommodation for nearly 100 students is also possible in a cluster of high rise blocks.

The University is also exploring the possibility of relocating some specialist facilities and supporting hub spaces. This will be happening into the two stone buildings on Avon Street, previously the Vauxhall Drive workshop.

This site had formed part of longer term development plans for the area. Submission of outline planning is done by the University for the Wales and West Utilities and Vauxhall and Kawasaki Drive sites on Avon Street and Gas Lane.


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