Home Commercial News £47bn developer-led public land framework development plans by Pagabo

£47bn developer-led public land framework development plans by Pagabo

Activation of Pagabo Framework announced

Pagabo as a procurement specialist will soon call tenders starting from next month for a developer framework. This is a scheme on public land. The estimations for £47bn developer-led framework are set on a four-year arrangement. Pagabo is acting on behalf of Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. The total association plans to establish the framework for developer-led schemes.

The managing director at Pagabo Jason Stapley said that they have been in consultation with key developers and local authorities since September 2019. This is also pleasing to be bringing the first developer-led framework to the market at this time. This will help public sector bodies procure work with developers that is critical to building a better future, he said.

The meeting on the 30 June will reveal more details and it will be via Zoom. There are 3 Lots for the planned framework that will go for a review in the meeting. Lot 1 is the Property Development via joint venture or special purpose vehicle. Lot 2 will be Long Income Lease and Lease Back, while Lot 3 is the Property Development Single Site by Development Agreement.


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