Home Commercial News Amey succeeds eight-year deal at Yorkshire & Humber

Amey succeeds eight-year deal at Yorkshire & Humber

Amey monitors Area 12 roads as part of M&R

Amey Highways will lead through the maintenance and response (M&R) contract. Highways England has handed the Area 12 works that are along Yorkshire and Humber. The contract works are worth up to £179m covering up to eight years of timeframe.

Amey will be responsible for maintenance and repairing defects of works from June 2021. The roles by the firm also include responding to emergency incidents and providing severe weather services on motorways and trunk roads across Yorkshire and Humberside.

Yorkshire and Humber will also witness the 10 motorway maintenance depots works, as Amey Highways is given the responsibility. The region has 476km of dual carriageway trunk road, 1,650km of motorway, 179km of single carriageway trunk road and 1,963 structures.


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