Home Commercial News Amey to restructure armed forces housing & accommodation

Amey to restructure armed forces housing & accommodation

Amey monitors Area 12 roads as part of M&R

The UK government is planning to spend an extra £200m for renovating armed forces housing and accommodation. The restructuring project is set to be delivered by the construction company Amey. In this context, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed that the new government funding is to upgrade 3,500 service homes along with the single living quarters.

Adding to it, the government has views on improving accommodation and facilities across military estates. This will be part of restructuring, including replacing 30 WW2 accommodation blocks in Pirbright, Longmoor, Knook, Westdown, Nesscliffe, and Castlemartin Camps. Furthermore, the plan provides new accommodation in Northern Ireland for on-call personnel.

Amey’s National Housing Prime contract would be delivering all the works of this project. The works will be starting from late summer and expected to end within two years. The plan will help in creating approximately 2,000 jobs that includes electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators. The restricting methods will make the UK Armed Forces estates more friendly to the environment.


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