Home Commercial News Argent founder takes position at Homes England

Argent founder takes position at Homes England

Argent founder takes position at Homes England

The co-founder of urban developer Argent, Peter Freeman is the new chair of the Government’s housing quango Homes England. He is well known as one of the visionaries behind the revival of Kings Cross.

Freeman is known to be having his reputation in reforming major developments in Birmingham and Manchester. He has a track record of creating places that are both socially and economically vibrant while planning and delivering the regeneration of local areas.

The transformation of Homes England into a commercially focused organisation will be led by Freeman. These works are designed to deliver homes and infrastructure while covering the entire public, private and voluntary sector.

Homes England will play an important role in creating a development pipeline Under Freeman’s leadership. This is to widely support economic recovery and ensure housing and employment opportunities are spread across England.

A strong support will be continued for smaller builders, assures Homes England. This strategy would maintain the diversity and the resilience of the house building sector in a challenging economic environment.

The Government’s recent commitment to increase the use of modern methods in construction will also be intact by Homes England. This includes MMC criteria in the distribution of funding to housing associations.


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