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Balfour Beatty takes on first contract with HS2 phase 2a

Balfour Beatty US arm to pay £49m after pleading guilty to fraud

The ground investigation of the HS2 high speed rail project incorporating Phase 2a was won by Balfour Beatty, and HS2 Ltd also made tenders with a £50m programme of enabling works. The works in this phase cover the 58km section that runs between Birmingham and Crewe.

The project interlinks with points northwest. Construction on phase 1 between London and Birmingham was started while phase 2a sections to Manchester and Leeds remains are under talks.

The undecided sections in the phase 2 however didn’t allow the HS2 to continue with contracts that are awarded on the section to Crewe. The works related to construct, operate and maintain HS2 phase 2a are being worked with draft legislation in the Parliament.

The ground investigation works worth between £25m and 30m under the Birmingham-Crewe route has been awarded to Balfour Beatty. The ongoing design development will have a report ready after the current and previous geological investigations are submitted.

Companies got an invitation from HS2 to tender for enabling works contracts. The selected firms will be awarded on Phase 2a of the project which HS2 names as ‘Early Civils Work – Package 2’ (ECW2).

This includes a range of enabling works on highways and utilities to reduce disruption during the main build stage. The Government’s existing Construction Works and Associated Services framework will award the ECW2 package.


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