Home Commercial News BAM Nuttall faces yet another claim over Cambridge busway

BAM Nuttall faces yet another claim over Cambridge busway

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The latest claim from Cambridgeshire County Council is against BAM Nuttall showcasing defects on the city’s guided busway. The council has made allegations for the project carried in 2011 at a cost of £152m. The council spokesperson said that they have lodged a formal claim with the court and are proceeding with legal action against BAM Nuttall.

The claim is to cover the cost of repairs with defects on the Guided Busway. The spokesperson also added that this follows a thorough review and advice from external legal and technical experts, who have assessed the work and the contract. Furthermore he said that it would be inappropriate to comment further while legal proceedings are active.

In 2013 BAM Nuttall paid the county council worth £33m in an out-of-court settlement, for the initial legal dispute over cost overruns and late delivery of the project. However the council again claims the defects of busway infrastructure on a recent note.


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