Home Commercial News BarhaleDoosan JV awarded with organic treatment project

BarhaleDoosan JV awarded with organic treatment project

BarhaleDoosan JV awarded with organic treatment project

Barhale and Doosan under the Joint Venture Project (JV Project) have been appointed for the construction wetland project while Stantec will be acting as the consulting engineer. Yorkshire Water has awarded these contractors with the works for this integrated project.

The construction of an integrated wetland at its Clifton wastewater treatment works is the first of its kind in Yorkshire. The project will create almost 4,000 sq m of interconnected ponds planted with a natural slope.

The construction will see usage of the local impermeable clay geology with wetland plant species. This will help remove phosphorus from the treated water before it is returned to the environment.

Approximately 25 different plant species along the way will treat millions of litres of water naturally. This will sum a total of more than 20,000 plants across the site. Plants have been carefully selected to promote diverse habitats.

A particular attention is given to creating environments that support bees and other pollinators to increase biodiversity. Autumn 2021 is the projected timeframe for completion of the project.


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