Home Commercial News Bermondsey’s second airspace development approved

Bermondsey’s second airspace development approved

Bermondsey’s second airspace development approved

Apex Airspace and Lambeth & Southwark Housing Association (LSHA) have gained planning approval from the London borough of Southwark. The project will be built with 30 affordable homes on top of and in between existing residential buildings at Antony House and Roderick House.

The construction of new flats in Bermondsey will happen with the assistance of HTA Design. A new central core connecting the buildings and a double-storey rooftop extension will be included in the development of ‘bookends’ at each end of the existing buildings.

The development of bespoke steel structure will carry the weight of the new homes, enabling the existing buildings to carry the extra loading of the new homes. The two existing buildings will be filled with infill elements that effectively convert into one building.

A combination of one and two-bedroom modular prefabricated apartments will be set in the new construction. The project will save LSHA around £400,000 in replacement costs over the next three years. The buildings’ roofs are already due for major rework.

The creation of new homes has the potential to generate balance sheet leverage of approximately £4m. Apex says that the funding can be used for more new homes. This is the second airspace development that Southwark has approved in recent weeks.


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