Home Commercial News Bouygues to construct Covid-19 vaccine factory in Scotland

Bouygues to construct Covid-19 vaccine factory in Scotland

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A manufacturing facility for Covid-19 vaccine will soon be developed in Livingston, Scotland by Bouygues Energies and Services. Specialist vaccine company Valneva has picked Bouygues for the plant development.

Valneva has started clinical trials starting from mid-December 2020 and the UK government has pre-ordered millions of doses. The manufacturing facility is formed of:

  • A new warehouse facility that comprises temperature-controlled storage areas along with goods in and off-loading bays.
  • A new multi-vaccine facility (MVF), adjacent to an existing vaccine facility. It will have two manufacturing streams and testing laboratories to produce Valneva’s inactivated whole-virus Covid-19 vaccine. All areas where the live virus will be handled will be designed to meet the requirements of ACDP containment level 3 as agreed with the Health & Safety Executive.
  • Shared hub facilities that will include the main site entrance, offices and employee’s welfare areas. Alongside space for the staff car park and the access road for the delivery will be available.
  • An energy centre that will shelter all essential plant services to serve the main manufacturing facility and associated labs.

Bouygues Energies & Services is the main design and build partner. The firm will be responsible for the industrial park development. Construction, engineering, commissioning and validation of the new facilities will be delivered on a phased basis.


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