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Bowmer + Kirkland to work on Manchester speculative office construction

SES Engineering Services will work as the sub-contractor for the building services package

Bowmer + Kirkland are laying its roots to develop the 4 Angel Square speculative office scheme at NOMA, Manchester. Bowmer + Kirkland are the main contractor for the project, while developer MEPC has confirmed it. This 11- storey block scheme will start in the next few weeks while early 2023 would be the time frame for the completion of construction.

The project is an operational net zero carbon building office scheme which will be accomplished in 200,000 sq ft area. The head of development at MEPC, Paul Pavia said that “Commercial real estate was already beginning to genuinely incorporate sustainability into the design and operation of buildings as being crucial to de-risking and future-proofing assets before Covid-19 struck.

The investment manager of the NOMA development is set to be Federated Hermes that recently acquired MEPC. The speculative development of a £40m block is a sign of MEPC and Federated Hermes. The 4 Angel Square is designed by Manchester-based architect SimpsonHaugh. The construction will play a key role in the NOMA neighborhood in the emerging business district. 


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