Home Commercial News CityFibre announces contracts for VolkerSmart Technologies

CityFibre announces contracts for VolkerSmart Technologies

CityFibre announces contracts for VolkerSmart Technologies

There are additionally two more contracts awarded to VolkerSmart Technologies by CityFibre. The contracts at Bracknell and Maidenhead are being announced to be taken up by Volker with a combined worth of more than £24M.

The works are started in April 2021 and are set to continue until autumn 2022. These Smart Cities initiative from highways service providers to VolkerHighways in the name of VolkerSmart Technologies will reach almost every home and business throughout Bracknell and Maidenhead.

The works of constructing full fibre networks also include excavating 170,000m of trenches in Bracknell and 110,000m in Maidenhead. The teams will install ducting before blowing, splicing and finally testing the fibre optic cables.

The work from home policy by many offices will essentially need good internet access while the contract provides the essential infrastructure that is needed. This will also help access the UK’s fastest broadband services.

The team from VolkerSmart Technologies will use a hybrid installation wherever possible. They also help incorporate both new underground trenched duct networks as well as existing overhead infrastructure.

The team will be able to provide a faster and more efficient delivery, by using the combined installation while minimising disruption for residents. The major investments in both locations are part of CityFibre’s plans to replace the nation’s legacy networks with gigabit-capable full fibre connectivity.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure is expected to boost business productivity and innovation, and deliver millions in economic benefits, while giving residents access to the UK’s fastest broadband services.


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