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Growth in health infrastructure with new building program

Growth in health infrastructure with new building program

An exciting project is underway as the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust is working to build a healthcare campus. This being a part of the government’s health infrastructure plan is a classic ‘hospital building programme’ facility.

Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System enables the transformation of the trust’s board and this will help the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust to serve a population of 350,000 people living around the M11 corridor just north of London.

The opening of this Care System with complete digital advancements provides general acute, outpatient and diagnostic services from three sites, including its main hospital in Harlow. Gemserv Health has been helping this business case to achieve its ambitions.

The phases of such works have been accomplished in the past, from 1958 to 1966. In August last year, the trust confirmed exciting plans to create a new healthcare campus, supported by the government’s Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) to build or refurbish 40 hospitals.

Digital agency NHSX has developed a blueprint for what these might mean; and it is very ambitious. Significant work has been undertaken by the trust in developing its business case and roadmap for achieving its ambitious goal.

This has also been shared with the HIP’s New Hospital Programme executives, NHSE/I and NHSX, with positive feedback. As such a project is vast and complex, the trust has engaged specialist expertise from Gemserv Health to create a commercial case for the digital elements.

The Gemserv team helped the trust to think through how it wanted to deliver the technology, taking account of the resources available to support different delivery options. Then, it helped the trust to work out how best to procure the preferred delivery options.


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