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HS2 calls for bidding from Lift and Escalator Suppliers

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HS2 Ltd has invited five firms to bid for two separate packages covering lifts and escalators. The bidders will be issued HS2’s four major station works of designing, delivering and maintaining 300 state-of-art lifts and escalators.

 The firms invited for the bidding are:

  • Kone Plc
  • Fujitec UK Ltd
  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator UK Ltd
  • Schindler Ltd
  • Otis Ltd

The installation of approximately 160 lifts and 130 escalators will be done as part of the project. The works will allow hundreds of thousands of people to gain access to HS2 trains every day. Day-to-day operations in all the new stations will be zero carbon, in London and Birmingham.

The new stations will be fully accessible with step-free access from street to train. The escalators would stretch in excess of 3km as placed end to end and which is longer than the Forth Rail Bridge with the longest escalators at Old Oak Common station in West London.

The longest escalators in West London will have the capacity to take passengers 13.5m up from the subsurface platforms to concourse level. There will be more than 50 lifts and escalators in the new station where HS2 will meet Crossrail services to Heathrow and London’s West End.

‘BREEAM Excellent’ standards will be followed at the three of HS2’s new stations. This is known to be the highest industry standard in terms of sustainable lifetime performance, with Birmingham Interchange set to achieve a higher level of “BREEAM Outstanding”.

Environmental standards do include energy-efficient lifts and escalators as a key part. HS2 will have more than double capacity along Britain’s main north-south rail routes after the completion of the project.

Furthermore, the project will reduce the journey times between London, Birmingham and the major cities of the north by half. Contracts are expected to be awarded next year and the value includes maintenance for 20 years.

The contract for lifts package is worth up to £267m and escalators up to £198m. After the bidding process, the winners will be appointed to frameworks. This flexible approach allows for potential changes in the number of lifts and escalators ordered.


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