Home Commercial News Huge impact on smaller builders: Increasing lay-offs

Huge impact on smaller builders: Increasing lay-offs

Huge impact on smaller builders: Increasing lay-offs

The UK’s small and medium-sized construction companies are getting into deep trouble. The unions including the affected companies are urging the Government to grant the Coronavirus pandemic support package.

Getting into the numbers, 75% or just above say jobs have been delayed or canceled after the COVID-19 started creating panic. And around one in 10 employees have already been forced to lay-off.

There’s a write-up to the Chancellor and business and housing ministers by Trade body, the Federation of Master Builders. The letter comprises five business measures to save small building companies:

Proposed survival plan from smaller builders:

  • Three months tax holiday on VAT, PAYE and CIS payments
  • Delay the implementation of reverse charge VAT by one year
  • Extend the £25,000 cash grant currently only provided to retail and hospitality to construction firms
  • Pay the equivalent rate of Statutory Sick Pay to the self-employed who fill 37% of industry jobs
  • Ensure that the coronavirus Business Interruption loan scheme is launched as soon as possible.

The federation is also calling on the Government to work with the CITB to help employers keep their apprentices. In addition, it urged to provide clarification to builders and householders whether social distancing means all domestic building work must stop even if all concerned are well.


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