Home Property news Kier road jobs witnesses Robo laying cones

Kier road jobs witnesses Robo laying cones

Kier road jobs witnesses Robo laying cones

The new system of automated cone laying vehicles on live road jobs is being used for the first time. The development follows extensive off-road testing of the machines and replaces the need for two people to manually lift and drop cones.

A5 and M54 have already been witnessing the Robo laying cones in Shropshire. The further testing is set to take place on the M4 in Berkshire with the help of Robo. They are operated solely by the driver therefore improving safety and freeing up two workers.

Highway Care has created the first vehicle among the totally developed 2 vehicles. The second was developed by competitor King Highway Products and is currently undergoing testing in Holland. The second one will be shortly available and trailed off-road in the UK.

Experts from Highways England, Kier, HW Martin Traffic Management and competitors Highway Care and King Highway Products are working together in a collaborative effort on the program.


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