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Liverpool intends to spend £1.4bn on building plan post-covid recovery

The building plan with £1.4bn funding

Liverpool is foreseeing the situation of post-recovery from covid-19. The building plan with £1.4bn funding is on the top agenda by improving the Brexit economy. Also mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson is asking for £200m of central government funding for physical construction. Adding to it, the mayor also urged to develop apprenticeship and skills training programmes by deploying a budget of around £267m.

The plan of preventing socio-economic crisis is portrayed in a 178-page report. This is sent to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor explains the severity and overcoming a situation of the 1980s recession that’s likely to happen now. The report also explains the next five-year plan that would encourage more than 25 shovel-ready projects and create an extra 12,000 construction jobs along with more than 9,700 apprenticeships.

The major aspects are to lay the next phase of the city’s health innovation campus at Paddington Village. Also, a Science and Tech Innovation Centre under the Liverpool John Moores University development programme in the city’s Knowledge Quarter.


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