Home Commercial News Mace receives planning approval for £500m Stevenage town centre revamp

Mace receives planning approval for £500m Stevenage town centre revamp

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£500m scheme to revamp 14.5 acres of Stevenage town centre got the planning approval and as Mace confirms the move. The proposal, known as SG1 will majorly provide more than 1,800 new homes, 3,500 sq m of retail and commercial floor space.

Additionally a new public garden square, park and a new primary school would be constructed according to the proposal. As the developer working in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council, Mace will also deliver an integrated public services hub.

The hub which is to be constructed includes a library, health facilities, retail and workspaces, offering people and businesses new opportunities to thrive. The design mainly focuses on sustainability.

The designs portray new green spaces and tree planting as the central theme for the master plan proposals. Phase one of the master plan will see two big plots redeveloped with housing and ground floor retail.

Plot A at Arrival Square ell witness 264 mainly balconied flats all around and will be delivered in buildings around a central courtyard. Plot K which is the second site will be home to nearly 500 buildings to rent flats in a 19 storey’s block framing an open central courtyard.

Mace is working already in the town by managing the improvements to the historic Town Square. The construction site allows conference facilities, flexible workspaces, and new places to eat and drink.


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