Home Commercial News New leap in housing structure after budget

New leap in housing structure after budget

New leap in housing structure after budget

The Secretary of Housing, Robert Jenrick is intending to bring Britain’s planning system into the 21st century and says Britain will be built better. As the budget set out, and similarly recent governments have pushed to address the nation’s housing crisis, planning rules have been touted as hamstringing the industry.

Mr Jenrick’s announcement is expected to help councils take a more innovative approach to house building, especially on Brownfield sites, and backed by a £400M fund. The government launches a register of Brownfield sites in April who will map out unused land as part of plans to encourage councils. This also in turn makes the most of sites based around the high street to build upwards, above and around stations.

The developers take a call of demolishing the Commercial, industrial and residential buildings. In turn the replacement of well-designed homes will come in place of the demolished sites. The association of developers confirms that the process of demolishment and replacement will be fulfilled in lesser time frames.


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