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NFB unviels its MCG MkII


Latest addition to the merry-go-round of industry lobby groups coming and going is the Major Contractors Group.

If you think you have heard of this outfit before, you are half right. There used to be a Major Contractors Group 10 years ago, comprising the 23 big construction firms in the UK, before it changed its name to UK Contractors Group and then morphed into Build UK by merging with the National Specialist Contractors Council in 2015.

But this new Major Contractors Group is different. This is the National Federation of Builders’ Major Contractors Group, or NFB MCG, with membership offered to those NFB member companies that turn over more than £40m.

Its aims are to lobby politicians and decision makers ‘to improve government understanding of larger construction businesses, while also enhancing the broader commercial environment for its members’.

The NFB described its MCG as ‘a dynamic forum of over 30 major contractors’. It refused to disclose which companies have joined the new lobby group, only that it is chaired by Stepnell joint managing director Mark Wakeford, who said: “We are really proud to launch this group, which will give larger NFB members the opportunity to talk to the people who devise policy that ends up influencing their very own businesses. The group will challenge many of the sector’s misconceptions and be a talisman for the best practice and future proofing the sector.”

The first meeting of the NFB MCG board is planned for June.


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