Home Commercial News Pipework firm succeeds £615k payout over £200m Hull project

Pipework firm succeeds £615k payout over £200m Hull project

Pipework firm succeeds £615k payout over £200m Hull project

A total of £615,000 payout was won by a small specialist pipework firm after a legal battle with main contractor MW High Tech Projects UK. This payout happened over a £200m Hull waste to energy project.

The high court has given a final judgment concerning payments for labour supply on the late-running energy works plant. The pipework firm Premier Engineering Lincoln claimed that it has been under-paid by about £1.3m.

Besides, MW said that it had already substantially overpaid Premier and counter-claims payments. The major issue focused on the number of hours worked by operatives supplied by Premier and its worksheet claims against MW’s site turnstile data.

The construction works of the plant began in January 2016. However, the facility missed its initial 2018 deadline for completion. The delay resulted in rapid raise of staff from a dozen men in late February 2018 to about 140 at one point in May 2018.

Later on, payment issues came up when turnstiles data did not tally with Turnstiles worksheets. Also, Premier argued that turnstiles did not always function and record workers’ movements accurately.


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