Home Commercial News Plans opened up for £40m Leith’s renewable energy hub

Plans opened up for £40m Leith’s renewable energy hub

Plans opened up for £40m Leith’s renewable energy hub

A renewable energy hub at the Port of Leith is being planned while the proposals come in for the 175-acre site. Forth Ports said that the plan would create Scotland’s largest and best located renewable energy hub.

This plan also reveals support for Scotland’s economic recovery and energy transition plans and the achievement of the country’s net-zero carbon emissions targets. With a £40m private investment, the creation of a riverside marine berth is capable enough to go.

The marine berth can accommodate the world’s largest offshore wind installation vessels. A heavy lift capability of up to 100 tonnes per square metre (t/m2) at the facility can be featured. It can be backed up by 35 acres of adjacent land for logistics and marshalling.

Up gradation of a 140 acre cargo handling site will suffice to accommodate lay down, assembly, supply chain and manufacturing opportunities. It is almost equal to the space that’s equivalent to about 100 full-size football pitches in total area.

Forth Ports said that offshore wind alone has the potential to create enough work for this renewables hub for the next 30 years. Besides, existing offshore wind farm development plans and the Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind seabed leasing round are still to come into proposals.


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