Home Commercial News Rebuilding plans on the go for North Manchester hospital

Rebuilding plans on the go for North Manchester hospital

Rebuilding plans on the go for North Manchester hospital

North Manchester General Hospital estate is put on with the start of rebuilding plans as early-stage enabling works would start this autumn. According to the new plan, over 70% of the existing estate needs to be rebuilt.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is leading the project with Manchester City Council and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. The funding is awarded through the Government’s Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) worth £3.7bn.

The initiative from the government is to replace and upgrade ageing hospitals. Initially, £54m funds would be issued for enabling works, and the provision of temporary accommodation for admin staff and other site preparation activity.

Rebuilding works will take place after preparing the site for full development. Also, the blueprint and final funding for the redevelopment of the hospital site is expected to be agreed in early 2021, and after preparation of full site development.

The rebuilding works can begin shortly after all the final funding approval, and restructuring is expected under a 10-year programme. The architect for the project appointed is Sheppard Robson along with Medical Architecture, the education centre and administration buildings.

Robson is working with a team that includes transport consultant Curtins, landscape designers Gillespies, and planning consultant Turley to prepare the master plan. A new “village green” will be surrounded by a sustainable collection of new buildings, according to the masterplan.


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