Home Commercial News Renewal of concrete motorways signed by contractors

Renewal of concrete motorways signed by contractors

Renewal of concrete motorways signed by contractors

A £285m worth contract in two numbers to renew concrete surface of roads is signed with Highways England, while the upgrade will happen across the country. There are contractors who have signed an agreement for upgrade, for over the next five years.

The contractors John Sisk & Son, Morgan Sindall, VolkerFitzpatrick, Dyer & Butler, Colas, and Tarmac will repair or replace 400 miles of concrete road surfacing on the motorways and trunk roads of England.

Besides, concrete roads make up 4% of England’s motorway and major A-road network. They are along the eastern side of the country, in Yorkshire, the North East, the South East, and East Anglia there are also some smaller stretches in other parts of England.

Highways England has awarded two contracts:

  • Reconstruction framework, worth £218m, will see John Sisk & Son, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure on a design and build arrangement to demolish existing concrete road surfaces that are in poor condition and replace with a new smoother surface.
  • Lifecycle extension works framework, worth £67m, will see Colas, Tarmac, VolkerFitzpatrick, Dyer & Butler deliver specialist repairs to maximise the life of the existing concrete road surfaces.

The focus will initially allow repairing stretches of concrete road and maintain them in a safe state until full reconstruction becomes needed in the future. However, there are some larger reconstruction schemes planned for later in the programme.

This £39m design framework will see the companies provide design, supervision and project management services. Consultants Aecom and Atkins were picked for the first of the contracts to renew concrete road surfaces and this happened earlier this year.


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