Home Commercial News Retrofitting of stage IIIA piling rig helps meet Stage V

Retrofitting of stage IIIA piling rig helps meet Stage V

Retrofitting of stage IIIA piling rig helps meet Stage V

Junttan piling rigs were attached with scrubbers while Eminox has performed this activity to meet the EU Stage V emission standards. Balfour Beatty is associated with this pilot project and is described as the world’s first retrofit on large construction equipment.

The activity was carried out to meet client requirements on the HS2 rail project. Eminox has carried out the six-month pilot retrofit project and this exhaust systems specialist has performed on a Stage IIIA Junttan PM20 piling rig.

Imperial College London’s Centre has tested for Low Emission Construction and Emissions Analytics. Energy Savings Trust has later validated the performance. Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) witnessed strict emissions requirements set by HS2 on the project.

The requirements incorporate plants needing to meet at least EU Stage IV requirements from 2022 (despite the UK not being in the EU). The Eminox retrofit removes hydrocarbons, particulates, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide emissions using airless dosing technology.

Engine cleaning technology along with retrofitting the Junttan PM20 has served to demonstrate that contractors and their rental companies do not have to buy new equipment to meet HS2’s requirements.

Also, retrofitting is good enough and much cheaper. Approximately £300m could be saved by retrofitting old machinery instead of buying new, as HS2 Ltd has calculated and came up across the whole project estimations.


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