Home Commercial News Travelodge plans to open 300 more hotels across UK

Travelodge plans to open 300 more hotels across UK

Travelodge eyes plans for another 300 hotels

Travelodge offered new hotels in an email to 220 local administrations in Britain to support their regeneration efforts. The company opened six new hotels in 2017, three of which were local authority partnerships with two hotels in Braintree and one each in Wimbledon and London’s Docklands. The company presently manages close to 600 hotels. The development of two other Travelodge hotels is presently underway. It is being carried out by the same group in close collaboration with the local authorities in Colchester and Rotherham.

Construction Journal got the news that Local governments can sell the hotel with Travelodge as its operator or keep ownership of the hotel after the hotel development is complete and collect an annual rent into the council’s revenue stream.

“In the current climate, Local Authorities are under intense pressure to invest in their economies and support regeneration projects,” said Steve Bennett, Chief Property & Development Officer of Travelodge. “We can actually change things, which is why we are writing to 220 Local Authorities today to offer our support. More Britons than any other hotel type currently chooses to stay in budget hotels, and this trend is only expected to increase. For this reason, we are aiming to add 300 more properties to our UK hotel network.”


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