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UK’s largest cluster of Victorian gasholders set for refurb

2,100 homes plan for UK’s largest cluster of Victorian gasholders

The Bromley by Bow Gasworks site in east London is home to seven decommissioned Grade II gasholders. According to plans drawn up by architect RSHP, these will be restored to accommodate many of the new homes within the cast iron structures. The remaining homes will be built in higher-rise neighbourhoods surrounded by cylindrical buildings, similar to gas-holder homes.

St. William’s ambitious plan will require a significant upfront investment; the temporary dismantling and restoration of the seven listed gasholders is estimated to cost £80 million. This is before the largely incalculable costs associated with the 9-hectare site’s ground remediation, enabling, and decontamination. Plans to reuse the cast iron gas holder structures constructed between 1870 and 1882 for £300,000 have been closely drafted by structural steel engineering experts Craddys and Shepley, reports Contract Journal.

Both companies were previously involved in the dismantling, refurbishment, and re-erection of the Kings Cross Gasholder No.8 guide frame, as well as the refurbishment and re-erection of the Kings Cross Triplets Gasholders. St. William has filed a hybrid planning application for the site, which includes the remains of two gas holders destroyed by the Luftwaffe during WWII. These will be transformed into a central circular lake and a community space that will be encased in one of the gas holder iron frames.


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