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Vinci gets green signal for £70m Chester scheme that was held back for 20 years

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The £70m first phase of the Northgate scheme in Chester city centre is now brought in to start the construction. It has been two decades since planning, false starts for Vinci hit the deck for this project, and however the company now succeeds to draw attention and starts the works. The sudden development happened due to the coronavirus pandemic that drew fears in the future of retailing.

The continuation of funding by the local council promoted the project development measures, amid the ongoing virus and continuing uncertainty after it ends. So altogether the scheme is put on track to create jobs and drive economic growth. Also, Chester Northgate is set to open in early 2022 as a Part of Chester’s One City Plan.

The Chester scheme will include an arched arcade from the former library frontage into a new public square. It will have an indoor market hall which is part of relocation from a six-screen cinema, Forum, restaurants, cafes, co-working office spaces and a multi-storey car park.


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