Home Public sector news London News Bidding to start for £1.2bn Houses of Parliament upgrade deal

Bidding to start for £1.2bn Houses of Parliament upgrade deal

Bidding to start for £1.2bn Houses of Parliament upgrade deal

The strategic estates’ team estimates that the essential repairs and improvements programme will be worth approximately £1.2bn, encompassing a diverse range covering general major works, M&E and fit-out work, amongst others. The current MEPFS (Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health and Fabric Safety) Framework will be replaced by the new Parliamentary Construction Partnership CPF framework. This is owing to its expiry on 15 March of year five since it was adopted.

Projects that are undertaken under the new framework will span into investments for the middle term, around the early 2030s and not include to the fullest all Restoration and Renewal plans concerning Parliament, reports Contract Journal.

The Parliamentary Construction Partnership (CPF) Framework:

Lot 1 – The high-value construction works of a mixed discipline ( Projects valued at £30 million and over).

Lot 2 – Medium value construction works, involving primarily mechanical & electrical (public health and fire) projects( Above £2.5m but less than £30m).

Lot 3 – Middle value construction works, mainly comprising Architectural and Heritage projects including roofing as well conservation (up to £30m).

Lot 4 – Works of mixed discipline low/minor value construction works (Up to £2.5m)

Based on existing records, the delivery authority is conducting tens of thousands of hours of palace building research to learn and better understand the palaces condition. In 2017, specialists spent approximately 4850 hours inspecting the Palace of Westminster with a borehole up to seven meters deep. Over 50 large projects are being undertaken by in-house teams to put back together essential buildings, such as strategic estates, the digital team and maintenance. The projects are Victoria Tower and Norman Shaw North. Potential


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