Home Commercial News BAM appointed for building Ayr leisure centre

BAM appointed for building Ayr leisure centre

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BAM will start the construction works of the leisure centre at Ayr after South Ayrshire Council has appointed Hub South West and BAM for this project. The appointment of works will allow the design team to develop the proposals and deliver the centre.

This £35.5m project will be developed with Hub South West as a development partner that works alongside local authorities and the private sector to design, deliver, construct and maintain community facilities in the region.

More economic activity is expected to flow into the area with the revitalization of the town centre by bringing in new leisure complexes. This will replace some of the services currently provided by the existing Citadel Leisure Centre located at Ayr Harbour.

The development is intended to enable people to be more active by visiting more often. It will target improvements to the community’s mental, social, and physical wellbeing. The focus is to keep up the people’s wellbeing always.

The historic elements of the building are to be retained and incorporated into the emerging designs. The new facility is to be located on the site of the existing Arran Mall and the former Hourstons department store that’s present from 1896.


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