Home Commercial News Modular framework worth £1.6bn by NHS on-the-go

Modular framework worth £1.6bn by NHS on-the-go

Modular framework worth £1.6bn by NHS on-the-go

The next generation of modular buildings framework was started by NHS Share Business Services starting from 5th July 2021 until 4th July 2023. The new version of the NHS modular buildings framework is expected to be worth £1.6bn.

The scheme is applicable to the selected 29 suppliers over the two year term. The agreement covers the purchase, hire or lease of modular design solutions, from simple £20,000 hire to complex £20m+ new build projects.

The six lots comprising the framework include modular healthcare units and modular education units, bespoke modular buildings, for both sale and hire in all the cases. The framework can be accessed by all public sector organisations in the UK including residential sectors, education, and healthcare.

Businesses appointed to the framework will be required to deliver full turnkey solutions. These explore from planning applications to design and enabling works through to site works and landscaping.

Here’s the list of 29 suppliers selected:

  • Actaccom
  • Reds10 (UK)
  • Inivos Ltd T/A Health Spaces
  • Merit Holdings
  • AV Danzer
  • Rollalong
  • ModPods international
  • Caledonian Modular
  • Space Quantum Company
  • Modular 360
  • Catfoss Group Manufacturing
  • McAvoy Group
  • ModuleCo Healthcare
  • Claritas Group
  • Thurston Group
  • ModuleCo
  • Collinson Construction
  • Vanguard Healthcare Solutions
  • Cotaplan (Windward Limited)
  • Wernick Group
  • MTX Contracts
  • Darwin Group 
  • Portakabin
  • Elliott Group
  • Zed Pods
  • PKL Group (UK)
  • Extraspace Solutions (UK)
  • Western Building Systems
  • Premier Modular Limited.


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