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Race for £1bn Wolverhampton house building deal

Housebuilders Chasing £1bn Development Framework

Wolverhampton City Council is looking for companies to join a new housing development framework to accelerate the delivery of new community housing and regeneration projects on sites across the city, reports Contract Journal.

The four-year deal will be supported by £109 million from the Housing Revenue Account budget, with additional provisions in the HRA’s 30-year business plan. The council intends to create an open consent agreement allowing other local authorities access to the Housing Development Framework and the potential £1 billion spent. 

The framework consists of planning, pre-construction services, construction of new homes and housing solutions in all tenures. It will allow local contractors to apply for the framework to work with the council to deliver a medium to long-term portfolio of new homes, supporting Wolverhampton Pound and the local economy. 

Framework for Wolverhampton Housing Development:

  1. Tasks on small sites of up to 3 Dwellings
  2. Tasks on sites from 4 up to 20 Dwellings
  3. Tasks on sites of over 21 Dwellings


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