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Shapps to work on roads restructuring

Shapps to work on roads restructuring

Grant Shapps will be working on the roads restructuring after they launched a pothole mapping project. The Transport Secretary Shapps is leading the way to improve the road network so as to allow people moving to schools and work.

The strategic plans to fill up potholes are by coordinating with businesses like Uber and Deliveroo and initially identify them. Also, the targeted repairs will be worked out as the local highway authorities help the government work on this project.

A huge fund of £2.5bn for pothole repairs alongside 319 miles is under commitment of resurfacing.  It has been a quite uncertain lockdown since the covid-19 pandemic started, and the roads broke down due to less or no usage. The auditing will be held by Highways data and mapping specialist Gaist, for carrying the restructuring works.


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