Home Commercial News Vital Energi succeeds £12m contract at Oval

Vital Energi succeeds £12m contract at Oval

Vital Energi succeeds £12m contract at Oval

Vital Energi will look after the design and building contract worth £12m for services in Block A, at Berkeley Homes Oval Village. This development in South London is among the first of seven blocks.

The construction will ultimately have 1,309 apartments and 15,000 sqm of shops and offices after the whole completion. It is being built next to the Oval cricket ground, on the site of the landmark gasholders.

Installation works of mechanical and electrical infrastructure by Vital Energi will allow 344 apartments to get the full service by five cores and rise to 18 floors. The services by Vital are also applicable for a Tesco supermarket.

Vital Energi’s in-house mechanical and electrical design team took the project from the initial RIBA stage 4, through to RIBA stage 5 for the design, install and commissioning on Oval Village block A.

Oval Village block A is due for completion in August 2022. Vital Energi has completed the design for the building’s temporary energy centre, as well as the design and build of a buried district heating system.


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