Home Commercial News £560m housing framework revealed with winners

£560m housing framework revealed with winners

£560m housing framework revealed with winners

JV North reveals the list of contractors and consultants who will be the part of the £560m home-building framework. This North West social housing consortium will get through the framework built in the region of 4,000 homes between now and 2025.

The group of 13 members in JV North belongs to different housing associations and local authorities. They have tendered the four-year framework in April 2021. A total of 24 contractors have been appointed to bands valued at £1m to £4m, £4m to £10m and £10m and over.

The Consortium members include Johnnie Johnson Housing, Bury Council, One Manchester, Muir Group, Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Plus Dane Housing, Stockport Homes, Sovini, Stockport Council, Torus, Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Trafford Housing Trust, and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

United Living (North), Engie Regeneration, Lovell Partnerships, Seddon Construction, Rowlinson, Anwyl Partnerships and Vistry Partnerships have been chosen for the £10m and over category.

Places in the £4m to £10m band have been awarded to Engie Regeneration, Whitfield & Brown (Developments), United Living (North), Crossfield Group, Seddon Construction, The Casey Group, Termrim Construction and Penny Lane Builders.

John Southworth Builders, J Greenwood (Builders), The Casey Group, Whitfield & Brown (Developments), Crossfield Group, RP Tyson Construction, HMS and Wiggett Construction Group, and Termrim Construction have been selected to the £1m to £4m band.

Professional services companies have been appointed to nine different lots to help JV North members design, build, rent and sell homes.

Architectural lot: Halsall Lloyd, John McCall Architects, BTB Architects, LJ Architects, Levitt Bernstein Associates, PRP, Paddock Johnson Partnership, BYA, Pozzoni Architecture and Jennings Design Associates.


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