Home Commercial News All non-furloughed staff to resume full pay from Wates

All non-furloughed staff to resume full pay from Wates

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Chief executive David Allen of Wates said that all non-furloughed staff will receive full pay with immediate effect. The decision had been made possible by the amazing efforts displayed to keep the business performing consistently, he said. Although with the challenging conditions of lockdown, employees played their part, Allen added.

The company has made it clear with a fourth part of 4,000 staff furloughed during the coronavirus crisis. Additionally, the board pay was cut by a third and many staff taking pay cuts. Furthermore, Wates was the first to announce redundancy plans of around 8% of the workforce in anticipation of falling workloads.

The company has imposed a 2-day pause in March to sort out the new procedures safely and effectively. However, the company was successful in managing virtual activities during the last three months, since the lockdown was in place.


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