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Costain to pay £1.2m losses as roadworks got disrupted with a steel cage collapse

Costain succeeds plan on TfL framework

The bypass construction which is underway saw a slight halt due to the collapse in the reinforcement cage. This unexpected incident led to the injury of two workers while Costain and one of its subcontractors were issued with a fine of £1.2m and ordered to pay costs of £21,644.51. Costain failed to plan, manage and monitor construction of the central pier.

The Scunthorpe company Brenbuild Limited pleaded guilty to safety breaches. It was fined £80,000 and ordered to pay costs of £21,730.11. The company failed to stop work to prevent injuries from the risk of collapse. While on the other hand it couldn’t implement control measures to prevent instability.

There was a statement heard on the construction support of the A556 bypass in Cheshire at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court. This statement in the summer of 2015 was put forward as work started to build a pier designed to eventually support a bridge. While the collapse of the steel cage occurred, the first employee sustained out of severe head injuries and the second escaped with a leg fracture.


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