Home Commercial News Electricity network upgrade worth £4.2m completed

Electricity network upgrade worth £4.2m completed

Electricity network upgrade worth £4.2m completed

The upgrade of the electricity network will help benefit thousands of residents in Kingston. The completion of a 4-year project by UK Power networks will help future proof a substation to deliver safe supplies. This will be spread across 73,000 plus local homes and businesses.

The installation of four new pieces of equipment (transformers) by Electrical engineers will help reduce voltage and deliver electricity safely to other local substations and then into homes. This will play a key role in enabling people to heat and light their homes and businesses.

The new transformers have replaced the old equipment. The older ones were originally installed in the 1960s and well maintained. Besides, each of the new transformers weighs approximately 90 tonnes and receives electricity at 132,000-volts that will lower to 33,000-volts.

The project in Kingston forms part of the £600 million UK Power Networks is investing in the network throughout the South East, London and East of England this year. Many sectors will be covered including schools, hospitals, water supplies to railway stations.

The electricity network helps keep a large part of the country running smoothly. The company’s cables and substations are connected to over eight million homes and businesses and generate electricity.


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