Home Commercial News Funds secured for Oxford rail station expansion

Funds secured for Oxford rail station expansion

Funds secured for Oxford rail station expansion

The Oxford railway station works will start as the Department for Transport has secured a £69m funding package. The project is expected to start next year for construction works of a new platform and entrance to enable more trains to serve the station.

The progress for next stage of development work will be retained with the released funds as the introduction of a new track and platform to be added alongside the existing platform 4. This will create an island platform on the west-side of the station.

The station capacity can be improved from 2024 to accommodate new services, such as East West Rail (EWR). This investment is separate but complementary to the consultation currently underway on EWR.

The EWR is a project which would see Oxford better connect with destinations to Milton Keynes and Cambridge. Besides, the designs will also be developed for a new western station entrance that will be built next to Botley Road and will link to the new platform via a subway.

The road network will also be improved as part of the plans nearer to the station as Botley Road Bridge will be replaced. The road will be lowered to enable standard double-decker buses to pass underneath for the first time.


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