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Homes England inaugurates support program for local councils

Homes England launches new dynamic purchasing system

Homes England has started an enhanced support program that helps guide local councils to build houses in a much better way. The inauguration took place at the Local Government Capacity Centre.

This initiative by Homes England allows officers to take part in a Summer Learning Programme. The initiative will take forward knowledge sharing on a wide range of topics including principles of market failure and effective project management.

Homes England conceived the Capacity Centre to look to structure itself to work more productively with local government. An expectation by 2024 is thus drawn to help meet the Government’s ambition of creating 300,000 homes each year.

Extensive research and consultation are on the follow up to see where the sector most needs support. The centre will begin to offer a range of tools and initiatives to boost skills and help authorities with their end-to-end development plans.

Homes England is making it easier for local government to access relevant information, as part of the centre’s work including:

  • Streamlining access to resources online
  • Creating a library of guidance and best practice tools on GOV.UK
  • Offering information about funds available to help deliver more homes.


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