Home Property news Glencar lands £28m Peel Ports Liverpool shed job

Glencar lands £28m Peel Ports Liverpool shed job

Glencar lands £28m Peel Ports Liverpool shed job

The construction of a 240,000-square-foot warehousing facility at Alexandra Docks as part of Peel Ports’ Port of Liverpool development has been announced as a job for Glencar. The £28 million facility at the Alexandra Dock location has been the Port of Liverpool’s largest single warehousing investment during the past six years.

The multi-user warehouse at Alexandra Dock, the length of five football fields, will also include a dedicated quay and cranes to improve vessel discharge as part of the new construction. Piling, foundations, push walls, single-span warehouse frames, cladding, and roof lighting are among the projects. According to Peter Goodman, managing director of Midlands & North, the warehouse project will be finished by March 2019, reports Construction Journal.

“We are excited to be constructing this multi-user warehouse complex for renowned UK port operator Peel Ports,” the company’s website states. “We understand the commercial imperative to produce sustainable and high-quality structures, mostly at speed, creating lasting value for asset owners.”


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