Home Commercial News Government puts £43m towards Darlington Burtree Garden Village

Government puts £43m towards Darlington Burtree Garden Village

Garden village in Darlington gets £43m infrastructure cash

Over a 20-year period, 2,000 new houses will be constructed on the site, along with up to 200,000 square metres of commercial space. 750 dwellings and the infrastructure that Homes England sponsored have now been included in a phase one planning application. New motorways, environmentally friendly transportation routes, a public park, and a nature reserve will all be built, eventually taking up about half of the 307-acre property. Homes England went into a joint venture with the local SME developer Hellens Group and Darlington Borough Council in order to gradually acquire the majority of the site between 2020 and 2022.

“The financing that Homes England has secured for the Burtree project is important for the delivery of the Garden Village and the construction of this landscape-led mixed-use development,” said Marie Kiddell, head of planning and enabling for Homes England in the north of England. We anticipate working with Hellens and the council to get the property through planning and facilitate the construction of desperately needed new houses in Darlington.

“Burtree Garden Village is a ground-breaking cooperation between Homes England and Hellens Group to speed housing delivery in one of 43 designated Garden Communities throughout the UK,” said Gavin Cordwell-Smith, chief executive of Hellens Group. In addition to providing much-needed housing, especially inexpensive dwellings, garden villages are crucial to the growth of towns like Darlington because they prioritise aesthetics and the natural world in their planning and infrastructure.


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