Home Rail news HS2 calls for bidding on £500m tunnel and lineside M&E works

HS2 calls for bidding on £500m tunnel and lineside M&E works

Trio shortlisted by HS2 Curzon Street station unveiled

High Speed 2 rail chiefs are aiming at bidding for tunnel and lineside M&E and ventilation works worth £500m. The procurement process is now modified as the concerns for contractors on the balance of risk and rewards arise. The unusual situation in the construction sector causes a bit of jeopardy in taking up the contracts.

The contract works are divided into two phases. Working estimates value phase one at £370m – £438m and phase 2a at £45m – £60m.

Ventilation system for nine tunnels running to 50k

The delivery of the tunnel ventilation system will use predominantly large axial fans in shafts (within long tunnels) and jet fans in the shorter tunnels.

M&E Subsystems

The M&E systems will include many aspects. Tunnel cross passage doors (300 No) and associated system in bored and cut and cover tunnels, active and passive fire safety provisions within tunnels, tunnel lighting, low voltage distribution, tunnel supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and remote monitoring of equipment in shafts and key equipment in the wayside, longitudinal handrails in tunnels, ventilation and air conditioning, passive provision for heating, and points heating and junction lighting are covered.


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