Home Commercial News Leeds invests £100M for improving housing

Leeds invests £100M for improving housing

Leeds invests £100M for improving housing

Leeds City Council has taken a step to invest £100m in the housing sector that benefits the tenants to save money. The investments also help improve energy efficiency over the next five years while cutting down carbon emissions.

The major advantage is that thousands of council tenants will benefit from cheaper energy bills and warmer homes. This is made possible with a transformative investment which will be funded primarily via housing revenues.

There are new technologies being incorporated that will include district heating networks, ground and air source heat pumps, external wall insulation and solar panels. The measures are expected to help residents facing fuel poverty by improving energy efficiency in the homes.

The investments will aim to prevent the most vulnerable from suffering cold-related illnesses. It will also support the council’s commitment to reduce the city’s direct emissions to net-zero by 2030 and will make Leeds a greener, fairer and healthier city.

Leeds City Council is associating with the University of Leeds to identify the best way to target these improvements to maximise the benefits for residents and the environment. It will also help support ‘green’ jobs in industries carrying out the improvements.


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