Home Commercial News JCB temporarily ceased machinery production in the UK

JCB temporarily ceased machinery production in the UK

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JCB in a statement yesterday said that the stoppage in production of machinery is under way until the end of next week. This halt acknowledges across 9 different UK manufacturing units in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and Wrexham. The conclusion of temporary shutdown from yesterday was due to the global crisis of COVID-19, hence the steep fall in demand for business, said the company.

JCB adds that shop floor employees affected by the move will be paid in full during this period. There’s no further clarity on what happens from the week commencing Monday, 30 March and beyond. Office staff will continue to work a 39-hour week, with many working from home, in support of the Government’s social distancing policy. Also, the government of the UK has asked companies for assistance to prevent the spread of coronavirus earlier this week.


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