Home Commercial News Plans for Thames swimming pool site will be revealed soon

Plans for Thames swimming pool site will be revealed soon

layout for Thames swimming pool

The largest site of 1.7 hectare Blackwall Yard located on the north bank of the Thames will soon have a layout for Thames swimming pool. The Regeneration specialist Hadley Property Group will be submitting the layout at the earliest. However development of the former shipbuilding dock into 850 market sales alongside cafes, a primary school, and shops are finalized.

A sustainable transport hub to all the facilities will drive better access. This scheme of developing Blackwall Yard Graving Dock into an outdoor swimming pool is the major criteria. Hadley will meet up digitally during the next month, and reveal the details of its masterplan. The design team includes White Arkitekter, Glenn Howells Architects, and Panter Hudspith.

The Chief Executive Officer at Hadley Property Group ‘Andy Portlock’ said it is a better opportunity to use Blackwall Yard as one of the last great regeneration sites along the Thames.


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