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Kier wins £225m Somerset ‘refresh’ deal

Kier seals £225m Somerset roads deal

Kier will provide vital maintenance services over a 4,172-mile road network under an eight-year contract worth around £225 million. The council has broken the previous contract into four separate contracts covering different areas of service delivery in order to modify the way it delivers services. The goal is to boost efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation while being more resilient to climate change and lowering carbon emissions.

Contract Journal has learner that Kier Transportation was awarded the largest contract for long-term maintenance. It will begin providing services on April 1, 2024, when many of the workers who are presently employed by Milestone Infrastructure will shift over, ensuring that the Council retains significant experience and expertise. Three other multi-million-pound contracts for resurfacing, surface dressing, and new assets will be granted in the near future.

“Kier Transportation met all of our main requirements and has some fascinating recommendations about moving the service further in terms of carbon reduction, efficiency, and maximising social value for our communities,” stated Councillor Rigby, Somerset Council’s Lead Member for Transport and Digital. We are committed to strengthening resilience to climate change by maintaining a safe, serviceable, and sustainable network that is fit for purpose for all users and supports local economic growth.”


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