Home Commercial News CityFibre gears up for £1.5bn work plan with Bechtel

CityFibre gears up for £1.5bn work plan with Bechtel

CityFibre announces contracts for VolkerSmart Technologies

CityFibre, known as the ultrafast broadband infrastructure provider has called to fasten its full-fibre rollout by Bechtel. These works award up to £1.5bn in construction contracts in the coming months. The company will bring in Bechtel’s teams immediately.

With the full integration in CityFibre’s existing organizational structure, the first wave of construction contract awards under CityFibre’s Accelerated Tenders Award Programme is expected in the coming weeks.

Alongside, Bechtel will aim to help reach optimal productivity in the shortest time. The construction teams that focus on mobilization across an extra 29 towns and cities are already in the plan. These new projects will create many jobs across CityFibre’s construction partners.

It is expected that network construction will be underway in more than 100 towns and cities By the end of 2021, across the UK. Bechtel will focus on implementing a consistent approach to the mobilization and management of construction partners at scale.


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